The Innovation Studios is a series of virtual roundtable sessions, addressing some of the most important and cutting edge areas of innovation, digital and technology policy in Europe.


Cyber Resilience

The Future of Work

Technology and the Public Sector

The Future of Digital Currencies

Data Governance


The Policy Innovation Studio series will build on the Tech Tables held in 2019, and will bring together diverse perspectives, experience and insights to support the development of novel but practical approaches to policy challenges.


Our dedicated virtual event platform moves the online experience beyond the simple webinar. Guests are encouraged to be active and can join the discussions on camera, or if they prefer through the polling and Q&A tools. Guests can engage with each other one to one on screen, alongside event-wide networking.

Please note that this series is limited to around 25 participants and is invitation only. If you are interested in receiving further details or registering your interest, please contact Anna Harrison on


Please find below the topic areas for each workshop.

Cyber resilience refers to the ability to defend against attacks while continuing to do “business as usual” successfully. The current crisis, with remote/home working becoming the norm as opposed to the exception, has further extended the breadth and attack surface of our digital eco-systems, and has raised significant challenges for business and policy leaders.

Before the current Covid-19 crisis, studies revealed that indirect cyber-attacks via third parties made up 40% percent of all security breaches, while on average, existing cybersecurity programmes only protect about 60% of an organization’s extended ecosystem. These findings, placed in the new context, present a clear call to action: organisations must protect their extended ecosystems.

But what does this mean in practice? The most successful approaches taken by industry leaders have been based on collaboration and partnership management, underpinned by the sharing of cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) and use of collaborative technologies

The objective of this roundtable is to discuss effective approaches taken by industry leaders to secure their extended ecosystem, taking into account the lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure that organizations emerge even more resilient.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that organizations around the world have experienced major workforce disruption, and at an unprecedented pace and scale. The immediate response required a smooth transition to remote working, but this has not been possible for all workers, with some being put on furlough schemes or temporarily laid-off. As governments lift restrictions, the challenge now for businesses is how to re-open and prepare their workforce for the post-COVID “never normal”. What does this mean in practice?

The unprecedented nature of this crisis meant that there were no best practices to rely on. However, forwarding-thinking business leaders know that reopening requires more than just a return to what was normal, and that their workforce strategies must reflect the context of a wider transformation. Key considerations at the heart of their thinking include shaping a new human experience, upskilling and reskilling their workforce and adopting and sustaining new technologies to enable new ways of working.

The objective of the roundtable discussion is to discuss how organizations responded to workforce challenges that have emerged during the crisis, lessons learned and how they can leverage these lessons to emerge stronger and more resilient.




Please note that this series is limited to around 25 participants and is invitation only. If you are interested in receiving further details, please get in touch:

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